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University of Ottawa


Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa, is one of Canada's top 10 research universities and the largest bilingual (French & English) university in the world.

Research staff and students at University of Ottawa:
Do you realize your article processing charge is split equally between you and your institution for all research articles accepted for publication in journals published by BioMed Central?
University of Ottawa also encourages its researchers to deposit all published research in its institutional repository.


University of Ottawa's Articles

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  1. Authors: Katherine S. Josephs, Angharad M. Roberts, Pantazis Theotokis, Roddy Walsh, Philip J. Ostrowski, Matthew Edwards, Andrew Fleming, Courtney Thaxton, Jason D. Roberts, Melanie Care, Wojciech Zareba, Arnon Adler, Amy C. Sturm, Rafik Tadros, Valeria Novelli, Emma Owens…
    Citation: Genome Medicine 2023 15:86
  2. Authors: Keely Hammond, Terry Lee, Branka Vulesevic, Joel Singer, Judy Needham, Ann N. Burchell, Hasina Samji, Sharon Walmsley, Mark Hull, Mohammad-Ali Jenabian, Jean-Pierre Routy, Shari Margolese, Enrico Mandarino, Aslam H. Anis, Curtis L. Cooper and Cecilia T. Costiniuk
    Citation: AIDS Research and Therapy 2023 20:73
  3. Authors: Molly Watson, Arthur R. Chaves, Abir Gebara, Manon Desforges, Antoinette Broomfield, Noémie Landry, Alexandra Lemoyne, Stacey Shim, Jessica Drodge, Jennifer Cuda, Nasim Kiaee, Youssef Nasr, Christophe Carleton, Zafiris J. Daskalakis, Reggie Taylor, Lauri Tuominen…
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2023 23:739
  4. Authors: Pepijn Al, Jamie Brehaut and Charles Weijer
    Citation: Trials 2023 24:649